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...to a place where gardens reign and flowers rule. Vegetables grow and weeds seem to follow. This is a place where you can join a Garden membership club that delivers PLR or Private Label Rights articles on gardening and a whole lot more!


You don't have to be a webmaster to benefit from this membership, this is excellent for those individuals who want professional and quality information on and about gardening. Information that you can use to build your own website from or use in your newsletter!


This site contains gardening information

and anything else related to gardens!


Each month we deliver an updated page for you to visit! You will be emailed a new password and user name for easy access to the goods!


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Miracles can happen for the black thumbs of this world and you can have fresh NEW content for your websites, eZine, newsletters, clubs, magazines, content sites, Adsense sites, and more!


What types of items can you find within our membership site?

  • Quality articles on and about gardening. This includes articles on food, cooking, growing, planting, tools, seasonal, greenhouses, barns, materials, vegetables, flowers, etc.

  • Professional graphics that are left blank or with light word use that you can change or add to.

  • Graphics designed by Kris Williams and others!

  • Resell eBooks of great content that you can resell and keep 100% of the profits. Some RESELL eBooks come with password protection and/or free registration for license number process.

  • Every month two resell eBooks and two FREE eBooks for you to use containing information that your readers will want to read!

  • Some resell eBooks come with sales pages, password protection, their own graphics, and free license registration process.

  • Archives for each and every month from our website beginning's! We began in August 2006, so just imagine the wealth and quantity of graphics, eBooks, and more!

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Don't pay someone to write articles about gardening for you at $5 or even $10 a pop, join our membership club for one low-price monthly membership and receive articles, graphics, and an eBook every month for you to use! Quality content for less!


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We offer every month:


  1. PLR Gardening Articles to use any way you would like!

  2. Gardening Graphics for individual use only!

  3. Gardening eBook Cover Graphics for individual use only!

  4. Gardening Header Graphics for individual use only!

  5. Gardening Footer Graphics for individual use only!

  6. Gardening Banner Graphics for individual use only!

  7. Resell Gardening eBooks for individual use only!

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  9. Free eBooks to distribute for individual use only!

  10. BONUS Item for individual use only!

Gardening is a terrific niche area that produces results and curiosity! People would like to know how-to, simple ways, and time saving tips to get started or to even grow the largest tomato on the block!


Don't be left behind in garden dust, gardening thumbs of all colors, including those who think they can't grow a thing, are joining now!


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