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Our site is a site within the DataWorkZ.com Network of sites. This means that the exposure for your ad is tremendous!

DataWorkZ.com Network of sites have links to PG.com and their exposure is well over 9.8 GB of hits every month and growing! DataWorkZ.com has 3 GB per month! With sites that contain content, downloads, graphics, design, eBooks, eCourses, games, and much more!

While PG.com is fairly new to the scene, but we anticipate our hits and unique visitors to rise accordingly as we grow and the draw towards a gardening site increases!

A list of DataWorkZ.com network of sites include:

  • DataWorkZ.com
  • DataWorkZ.net
  • DataWorkZ.us
  • DataWorkZ.biz
  • eBookPublishing.us
  • eLogo.us
  • ePhotographs.us
  • eBookCovers.us
  • PhotographAvenue.com
  • eCourseAvenue.com
  • BlankPaper.us
  • 4GForce.com
  • DayCareUniversity.com
  • DayCareUniversity.us
  • DayCareUniversity.net
  • WildEdibles.us
  • ResellKingdom.com
  • FreeGiveAways.us
  • ChadLoomis.com
  • AmonMa'at.com
  • KrisWilliams.us
  • Alternative Ideas Magazine (AIMagazine.us)
  • ChildCareMagazine.us
  • SpanishAmericanWar.us
  • PopularGardens.com
  • DataWorkZ eBay Store

Where can you advertise within the PG.com site?

  • Index page.
  • Opening Page for members area.
  • Within the Member site.
  • Within an eBook.
  • As a Sponsor on every page.

Where can you advertise amongst other DataWorkZ.com Network of sites?

  • On an Index page or main page of almost any website.
  • Within an eBook.
  • Within an eCourse.
  • Within a Membership site, members only area.
  • As a sponsor, which in many cases is on almost every page of the website.

What content or ads do we not allow?

Any content not suitable for children of any age. This is a family and educational website! We do not allow content such as:

  • hatred, violence, discriminatory, anger, political extreme, racist, gambling, smoking, drugs, or any other material deemed unsuitable by PG.com!
  • ads must be family and/or educational oriented.
  • PG.com has the last say in what is allowed as ads on our site, period.

What is our Pricing for ad placement?

Prices start at a record low introductory ad rate price of $2 per ad per placement area. Email us to find out more at PG@PopularGardens.com today! Are we nuts?

That is a price everyone can afford! So if that's the case, why haven't you purchased your ad space before they are all taken?

Prices for various other network sites of DataWorkZ.com can run as low as $5 per ad placement area.



What eBook Cover designers do we use?

Only the BEST made by the BEST!

All of our eBook covers on this website that are BLANK professional graphics are designed primarily by Kris Williams. Kris has designed over 10,000 BLANK and Custom eBook Covers on the internet to this very day! She is the main designer for DataWorkZ.com and its many plethora of websites in the DataWorkZ.com Network.

Visit Kris Williams personal website to find out more about this TOP eCover designer: